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    Rating is available when the video has been rented. ReadyComicsRollviews. Malak told Nord that he desired Shan taken alive, if possible, but that the Jedi's other companions were of no value. Nord may appear either on Tatooine, the Wookiee homeworld of Kashyyykthe Selkath homeworld of Manaanor the ancient Sith tomb-world of Korriban. Having counted to three in order for the being to escape his anger, he opened fire on the nuisance for bothering him. In one room you find Holdan, the man who tried to get fresh with Dia back up in the Upper City. Nice work. He occasionally worked for Davik Kanga crime lord of the Exchange crime syndicate whose operations were based on the Outer Rim ecumenopolis of Taris.

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    Calo Nord, a Human male, was an infamous bounty hunter who lived during the Jedi Civil War, a galaxy-spanning conflict initiated by the Sith Lords Darth. For Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "What happens if you kill Calo Nord in the Taris. If you mean in the under city cantina then no you can`t, I have met people who used console mods on the PC and made it so their player can`t die and they.
    Malak eventually ordered the planet's destruction in an attempt to kill Shan.

    Among these contracts were operations on behalf of the Galactic Republic in the Core. When Shan, Ordo, and Revan defeated him on Taris, Nord threatened to kill himself with a thermal detonator in an attempt to ensure their deaths.

    Wookieepedia has 8 images related to Calo Nord. A bounty was placed on Nord, but he eliminated every mercenary that pursued him. Malak told Karath that the penalty for failure was death, but that the failure belonged to Nord, not Karath himself. Unsubscribe from Padawanmage71?

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    There, Nord killed two Rodiansthe assassin Luugro and his companionso that he could collect the corresponding bounties.

    Leaving Nord and the deceased Kang, Revan's group boarded the Ebon Hawk and gathered the rest of their companions before fleeing Taris and the Sith bombardment. Nice work.

    images calo nord blasteroids

    During the Sith's quarantine of Taris, Nord, who was on the planet for business with Davik Kang, encountered a Republic soldier named Revan on two occasions. Wookieepedia has 8 images related to Calo Nord.

    Anyways enough of that, Let's get answering some questions, You can't defeat Calo Nord on Taris, it's absolutely impossible.

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    Star Wars Theory 2, views. The Scoundrel's Cantina 20, views.

    images calo nord blasteroids

    He occasionally worked for Davik Kanga crime lord of the Exchange crime syndicate whose operations were based on the Outer Rim ecumenopolis of Taris. Start a Wiki. But I promise you, the Sith won't be getting in my way this time!

    He considered one of these pearls to be the greatest of hunting trophies.

    A bounty was placed on Nord's head, and the young man was pursued by many bounty hunters. Autoplay When autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play next.

    Nord also carried four stun grenades and two thermal detonators in his arsenal. Learn more. The Scoundrel's Cantina 20, views.

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    2. This video is unavailable. Nord and Karath then privately met with Malak away from the crew on the Leviathan ' s bridge, during which Nord revealed to Malak that his former Sith MasterRevan, had survived and was one of the members responsible for Shan's escape.

    3. He takes them down easily and could almost do the same to you, if you don't bid a hasty retreat from trying to talk with him. II, p.