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    Read Books. We have been able to fix the dates of history from 25th Chathur Yuga to 28th Chathur Yuga. In connection with this I have rejected the Constructive Linguistics of Protoforms and developed elements of Evolutionary Linguistics to substantiate my claim that Sumerian is Archaic Tamil. We and our partners operate globally and use cookies, including for analytics, personalisation, and ads. Here I repost the passage from Udug Hul as something he can quote in full in his revision and which will affirm the Sumerian origins of the CaGkam Tamils.

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  • Kumari Kandam (Tamil: குமரிக்கண்டம்) refers to a mythical lost continent with an . A Government of Tamil Nadu college text book stated that the Dravidians of Kumari Kandam had migrated to the Mediterranean region after.

    Lemuria and Kumari Kandam The Hindu

    Is Lemuria- the lost continent of Tamils (Kumarikandam in Tamil) a fact or myth?. The first connection between humans (especially Dravidian cultures) was.

    So, Southern Tamil Nadu and Kumari Kandam are different regions. Dravidian movement and Pure Tamil movement gave it a lease of life.
    While the script may be undeciphered but the various statues and busts suggest clearly Black People with Negroid features as the people who developed the magnificent city culture there.

    images tamil kumari kandam dravidians

    It was divided into 49 territories natuclassified in the following seven categories: [9]. The earliest explicit discussion of a katalkol "seizure by ocean", possibly tsunami of Pandyan land is found in a commentary on Iraiyanar Akapporul.

    No results. Home Home Home, current page. Here the claims of Dr Winters where he claims sub Saharan origins must be mentioned as a distinct possibility and quite consistent with the East African origins of the Dravidian folks in general a matter that goes back 70k years at least.

    images tamil kumari kandam dravidians

    Having shown that Kumar is not a large landmass submerged by floods or deluge, he suggests that it was a landmass where the ancient Tamils lived and developed their culture.

    images tamil kumari kandam dravidians
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    Now without going into the details it is clear that these views that presuppose geological events millenniums ago cannot be the Kumari of the First SaGkam, a literary academy where scholars assembled and sanctioned the literary productions as meritorious and so forth.

    I hope Prabhakaran comes with a revised edition incorporating some of my suggestions here. Then, their spirit of adventure will paralyze the best of us, says Dr. Subscribe to receive The Dharma Dispatch directly in your email inbox.

    Kumari KaNdam by karan A review மரபு விக்கி

    The Sumerian culture was a culture of city staes and which later led to the formation of empires that brought together many cities under the rule of a single person.

    What if #Lemuria or #KumariKandam was a #scifi story of the #21stCentury? from a #ancient Pre-#Sumerian #language called #Tamil which was spoken in Lyra . legendary land called #kumarikandam 'The Dravidian from Kumari Nadu'. What is the history of the Tamil Kumari Kandam (Lemuria continent)?.

    kumarikandam hashtag on Twitter

    And again this fantasy was popularized by Dravidian politicians to. The name of the lost lands is Kumari Kandam. as belonging to the Dravidian peoples of whom the Tamils at that time were their first and.
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    Close Go to a person's profile. Here an important thing that Prabhakaran could have done is to provide a list of basic lexicon along with a sample of sentences that are clearly recognizable as Tamil but certainly an Archaic Form.

    Submit Please enter a valid email address. Close Create a new list. More than just the sheer number of sites that were established within a single millenniumthe characteristics of these sites have profound implications for social evolution in the Gulf Oasis.

    images tamil kumari kandam dravidians
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    The documentary funded by Government of Tamil Nadu declared it as the "world's first travelogue ".

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    All these along with Zend Avesta in relation to Sumerian literature are matters for future scholarship. What ails T M Krishna? Harman When you see a Tweet you love, tap the heart — it lets the person who wrote it know you shared the love.

    The Dravidian Fantasy as History and the Mythical Kumarikandam as Geography The Dharma Dispatch

    Though this view changed somewhat after the discovery of Indus Valley Civilization, there is still reluctance to accept it as a civilization founded by the Dravidians, This uncertainty follows because of the undeciphered nature of the Indus script.

    The Dravidian Fantasy as History and the Mythical Kumarikandam as How the Dravidianists Ravaged the Tamil Heritage and Gifted Tamil. “Kumari Kandam refers to a mythical lost continent with an ancient Tamil Few Say it is a Myth created to seperate the Tamils and other Dravidians from India's.

    A few days ago I received a book Kumari KaNdam written by P.

    Video: Tamil kumari kandam dravidians உலகின் முதற் மாந்தர் தமிழரே! - Kumari Kandam - A Lost Culture! - Tamil Parambaryam!

    Prabharan new picture of not only the origin of Tamils, the Dravidians but also the whole lot of.
    Swamy] is evil. To those who have followed Thodur Madabussi The language they spoke in those days has today transformed into what is known as Brahui.

    Hmm, there was a problem reaching the server. The oldest SaGkam text is Tokaappiyam, a massive treatise in Linguistics of a very sophisticated kind where the earlier phases of its development are not available at all, even as parts of it.

    images tamil kumari kandam dravidians
    Tamil kumari kandam dravidians
    Get The Dharma Dispatch in your Inbox! Our Dravidianists claim that because the Aryans invaded from outside, the ancient Tamils were exterminated from these northern parts of India.

    The historical significance of that fact is that it makes the U-shaped structure 6, years older than the first monumental architecture of Egypt or of ancient Sumer or Mesopotamia in present day Iraq dated around 3, BC and traditionally regarded as the oldest civilisations of antiquity. Nakkeerar's commentary does not mention the size of the territory lost to the sea. Prabharan with a personal request that I write a review of it so that another edition more comprehensive than the present can be written and published.

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    1. Now while it may be possible that the Sumerians were aware of TN even during the third Millennium period, I doubt very much it was in fact Tilmun, the Paradise.

    2. He also suggested that the progenitors of the other races must have migrated from Lemuria to other places via South India.

    3. The concept was introduced to the Indian readers in an physical geography textbook by Henry Francis Blanford. There is also a word 'kudil" which is retained in Sk in the name Kaudil-ya, the Gotra of the famous author of Artta Sastra which is said to have been written in Tamil Nadu.